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Design Prize

Design Prize

Open for industrial designers and design companies, the A' Design Prize is looking for best products, projects and services, realized or concept stage, to award with fame, prestige, publicity and recognition.

The A' Design Prize has been designed to create value for designers, architects and product manufacturers worldwide by creating international awareness, recognition, fame, prestige and publicity opportunities for award winning designers. Since the establishment of the awards program in early two-thousands, over tens of thousands of entries in hundred categories from hundreds of countries were received. A' Design Prize, is the world's most diffused and largest design accolades. The A' Design Award and Competition is organized under hundred different competition themes, thus designers from all different creative fields are accepted. The A' Design Award and Competition is the only design accolades which is open to all creative fields, and this is no coincidence. The accolades were designed in order to create value for its participants; at A' Design Award & Competition gala-night and exhibition, you mostly meet collaborators not competitors.Please note in advance that A' Design Prize is a 3 phase competition. The first free is free to apply, you register at and upload project, wait several days and receive a preliminary score of your work. The second stage is if you decide to nominate your work, if yes, you will be requested to pay the processing fees, finally in the 3rd phase, you will receive services such as pr-campaign, gala invitation, exhibition space, yearbook publication, award trophy, design excellence certificate and others, this 3rd phase is free. To be successful in the A' Design Prize, your designs must be well developed and carefully thought; the most successful design projects are those that truly reflect the experience and professionalism of the designers; the details of the work, technical aspects and research becomes important. Furthermore, we require each participant to follow a guideline booklet to ensure all entries are presented in a correct manner. To be successful, you should follow any insights or suggestions provided by preliminary-jury before voting starts.


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